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Favorite Shapewear

Do you often wonder why your favorite celebrities look so good on the red carpet or when they appear on the magazines or social media? Their styling secrets is no other than shapewear.  Their armor on the red carpet is shapewear itself.  Yes, although most celebrities work out with personal trainers in tow, at times, they also want something for extra support. Wearing shapewear helps them to feel supported as these wonderful garments can also prevent wardrobe malfunction as well.

With the best shapewear for women, you do not have to go for surgery to look slim and sleek. There is a different type of shapewear solution for every type of body shapes and and every element that you want to smooth out. There are high waist boy shorts, full bodysuits, waist-cinchers, camis, briefs and more.

What kind of shapewear do celebrities wear?

With so many different options available, celebrities do not hesitate to reach out for the most suitable body shapers to rock their outfits in front of the camera. Below are some of their most preferred shapewear:-

  1. Full body shaper
  2. High waisted mid-thigh shaping shorts
  3. Tummy control thong panty
  4. Waist trainer or waist cincher

Full body shaper

A full body shaper is the ultimate game-changer. It offers all-over shaping that enhances coverage and control. This wonderful Hourglass shaper is the best option to control tummy and reduces muffin tops. Its double layer waistband will tone the core and give the tummy extra support. It has adjustable shoulder straps for flexibility. This wonderful full body shaper will elongate your silhouette, control the flab, and keep everything where it is supposed to be. It offers the perfect canvas underneath your clothes.

High Waisted Shapewear Shorts

High waisted shorts are highly popular because of its coverage and versatility. They can flatten the tummy, smooth the hips and lift the butt. It can smooth the silhouette without compromising on comfort. If you are looking for the same control, then this Elastic Waistband Shaper Short is the right fit for you. Not only will it flatten your belly effectively, it can also smooth out those unwanted muffin tops and boost your natural curves. This breathable shaper short will also slim the thighs and prevent thigh chaffing. The five steel bones prevent rolling and offer back support.

NeoSweat® Elastic Waistband Shaper Shorts

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High Waisted Tummy Control Thong Panty

High waisted tummy control thong bodysuits are a favorite because they tone the midsection and also lift the breast without any visible panty lines. This thong style body shaper is easy to wear and take off. It has a front zipper and open bust design that lets you wear your own bra. It offers a comfortable snug fit that controls the tummy and smooth the back instantly. The eye and hook crotch closure makes going to the bathroom convenient. It has flexible steel bone on both sides to prevent curling. 

AirSlim® High-waisted Thong Panty Shapewear

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Waist Trainer 

You have probably seen celebrities like the Kardashians and Amber Rose showing off their powerful curves and they swear by waist training. It is process of wearing a waist trainer to sculpt the body to create a desired hourglass waistline. If you want to give this a try, take a look at one of the best waist trainer for women like this piece. The high compression waist cincher features an adjustable eye-and-hook enclosure for easy tightness adjustment. Together with the velcro strap, it can fully cover the midsection and lower back to offer extra compression and support.

NeoSweat® Ultra Compression Waist Belt

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