The fundamental distinction between women’s hats and men’s hats


Wearing hats gives a boost to the overall look and elegance of an individual. Hence, there are some rules and regulations you will have to adhere to if you want to take your personality to the next level. The limited availability and price tags of these hats make individuals compromise on their taste and choice. These days you will find women wearing Men’s hats and vice versa. However, this should not be the case. Both genders have a distinct requirement, and thereby their hats also differ. So what is the difference between women’s hats and men’s hats?

The hat size

The first area that brings a distinction between men’s and women’s headwear is the hat size. When it comes to women’s hats, they are available in a standard single size. They are smaller in comparison to men’s hats and well fitted. The size of a women’s head ranges between 21.5 to 22.5 inches; however, the range increases in the case of men. Depending on this, the hat size also differs. If you look at cowboy hats, you will see the profound difference in the length between a women’s cowboy hat and a men’s cowboy hat. Thus the determination of hat size is the first area for the selection of the headwear.


Now, this is the area that makes a profound difference between men’s and women’s hats. Men tend to go with wide-brimmed hats, for example, cowboy hats. In the case of women, they have colorful headbands or jewelry wrapped around the hat to increase their overall appeal. On the other hand, Men’s hats have a distinct design and elaborate construction very different from women’s hats. You would see men going with bright colors and more decoration in comparison to women. Now, what technique you would want depends on your taste and preference. It depends on their taste and preference.

The material used and style to flaunt

Occasion and physique also make a difference in the hat style. Women who love to visit the beach would want to go with floppy, wide-brimmed hats like straw hats for women and fedora hats. These are not only fashionable but functional at the same time. They come with wide brims and have a distinctive look. Some hat designs are common between both genders, and cowboy hats are a suitable example of this.

Measure the head

One of the main deterministic factors in selecting the right hat is your head size. You can take a measuring tape or a string for this purpose. Ensure that the tool is flexible and that it will do the job. Moreover, you can go with a customizer measuring available tools. When trying to take the measurement, you can follow the size chart for determining the head size. If you have a large head, you can go with wide-brimmed hats that will cover a considerable part of your head. On the other hand, small head size individuals should go with narrow brimmed hats.

Don’t go with low-profile hats

When talking about low-profile hats, those do not have a definite crown and brim size profile. The typical profile includes low, high, and medium hats. Hence, when talking about low-profile hats, they will come with a shallow crown between two to three inches. You won’t find a difference between the brim and the crown, and thereby the forehead looks absurd. It would help with medium or high-profile hats with a considerable crown height and wide brims. 

You will have to wear it with confidence if you want all the eyes turning towards you. Apart from this, high-profile hats have height and crowns that go more than four inches. When you pull these hats on one side, it gives you an edgy look. These hats are typical between men as well as women. Hence, the distinction between men’s and women’s hats is blurred. It all depends on your priorities and style.

These days you would see women wearing men’s hats. Now there is a common question of whether men can wear women’s hats or not. The sure-shot answer is yes. You must wear women’s hats based on the occasion, style, and preference. There is a distinction between both these styles undoubtedly. However, there is no hard and fast rule that men will not wear women’s hats. As mentioned, it depends on your style and preference. 

Women interested in street-style looks can go with straw hats, baseball caps, and fedora hats. It will create a countryside look that will make a strong impression. You can wear these on your sunny day outs and experiment with your face. Go with minimum jewelry and makeup (for women) if you want to highlight your headwear. For men, you should go for sober accessories to complement your headwear.  It all hinges on what you choose and how you carry it. 


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