The Story Of Safety Tracking System Has Just Gone Viral!


A small company called EveryKid has launched a revolutionary product that has been featured on CNN, ABC, and the Wall Street Journal. It is one of the most innovative social products to ever be introduced into the market with a focus on safety and technology.

The story behind this Safety tracking system is a great example of how businesses can use technology to increase their revenue as well as improve customer service.

A number of factors have contributed to an increasing need for innovations in the area of trustworthy products, such as Facebook’s upcoming breakup announcement earlier this week. As always, startups are coming out with inventive ways that will keep consumers safe while making their lives more convenient at home or around town.

Novelty and creativity are the keys to keeping a loyal consumer base. As more and more businesses invest in innovating marketing strategies, it is vital that they utilize unique ways of gaining the public’s attention. Any business with a creative marketing budget can learn how to successfully turn newsworthy ideas into trending hashtags or popular catchphrases, as seen in National Public Radio’s coverage of Only Watch Auction: The Highest Price Watches in The World!

Recent innovations have included smartphones, GPS tracking systems, GPS-based car navigation systems and other state-of-the-art products that help consumers stay safe in all types of situations.

With the safety tracking system created by the young company called EveryKid, consumers can now keep tabs on their children when they are playing outside, while in public or at school. Each phone receiver can be connected to up to four unique devices for a total of 480 unique receivers. Each product comes with a complimentary charging station so customers do not have to worry about running out of battery power while they are on the go.

Like other products such as wearable clothing, pendants and bracelets, each EveryKid receiver provides constant updates regarding children’s locations so parents know exactly where they are. The safety tracking system has become extremely popular online, especially on social media outlets like Facebook.

The product is positioned as a great way for parents to keep track of their kids, but it also opens up new opportunities for the company. EveryKid will now be able to market their service as “always on and always watching” parents.

The idea of the safety tracking system came about when the founders were talking about their son who was out with his friends and they wanted to know where he was at all times. They wanted to be able to keep track of him so he could not get lost or run into trouble.

EveryKid was founded by two brothers in California, David and Dan Shechter. The concept of the safety tracking system was born out of their own need to give their son a “guy” gadget! They had no idea at the time that the idea would lead to making such a revolutionary product available to all customers!

The founders say they have been surprised by how many different industries are interested in their system. EveryKid has worked with companies on safety issues, as well as light manufacturers and medical product suppliers, but has also partnered with a number of social and entertainment companies like Facebook, AOL and Microsoft.

They have even received a lot of interest from top Hollywood producers who are looking for the next big movie idea. Along with the life-saving capabilities of the device, there are great opportunities for creating video and film content that can be used by marketing firms and social media influencers to showcase new products.

The system is also a great way to promote projects, movies or hit TV shows, such as Survivor, The Bachelor or Duck Dynasty, all of which have been featured in a number of commercial campaigns over the years. The product is cutting edge and provides an affordable solution for parents who want to have peace of mind while their kids are out playing or doing other activities on their own.


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