Working out is an essential part of an individual’s day. The sedentary lifestyle has made it more crucial for people to find a sport or physical activity to keep their respiratory and other systems functioning smoothly. Sports and other activities require dedicated pieces of clothing that serve the purpose of ventilation, comfort and freedom of movement. Women need sportswear that allows them to feel both comfortable and safe. Brands like DK Active, for instance, specialise in women’s activewear, creating some of the best pieces in the market. 

The variety of sportswear for women is increasing by the day, giving the female population a large selection to choose their favourite pieces. From trendy halter tops to cycling shorts, the choice is endless. Many are still unaware of the essential clothing that is a must-have in their wardrobe for simple everyday workouts. The following section will list it for women beginning their fitness journey. These pieces are not only affordable but also will last a long time.

Essential sportswear items that every woman should have in their wardrobe:

The evolution of sports fashion and trendy workout clothes began in the late 70s and early 80s with a bright pop of neon shirts and leggings. The people in the early 90s would pair their trendy workout outfits with a headband and wristbands to keep the sweat off. Today, women’s activewear is not only simplified, elegant and chic but also versatile and fun! The following is a list of fashionable yet functional clothing for exercise beginners:

  • Leggings: The workout pants in the early 2000s were predominantly capri pants or shorts. Today, the level of comfort is stepped-up thanks to leggings. They are long and stretchy pants that fit the form of the individual’s body to give maximum support. They are also popularly known as yoga pants. These bottoms are versatile to use in all sports. Many women who are into yoga, pilates, Crossfit and weightlifting often opt for leggings as their preferred bottoms as a part of their workout outfit. Most women wear it daily as a part of their OOTD (Outfit of The Day) with an oversized tee-shirt to grab brunch with their girlfriends. 
  • Sports bras: This is an essential women’s activewear that has become a staple in every lady’s wardrobe. The sports bra provides extra support required during intense physical activities like sprinting or jumping. They come in varying exciting colours like pink, purple, black, grey and blue. High-quality sports bras will last for a minimum of two years. They are an absolute must investment, especially for a beginner. Sports bras come in two variations; padded and non-padded. The extra padding helps retain structure, whereas the non-padded ones are comfortable for beginners.
  • Hoodie tops and crop tops: After an intense session of Zumba or pilates, the individual can sweat buckets! They start feeling cold as the sweat settles on their skin, risking them falling ill. It is always advised to throw on a crop top or hoodie top after the workout session to trap heat and keep the body warm. These hoodie tops look trendy and are super comfortable. It makes for great pre and post-workout attire without having to go through the trouble of changing. The trend of pink and off-white shade cropped hoodie tops is trending these days amongst the younger demographic. The black crop tops are perfect for people who want to hide their sweat stains since black overshadows the marks. It looks classy and effortless. 


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