Understand Duramax Diesel Performance Parts Before You Regret.


This article will provide you with information on what the Duramax diesel engine is, why they were created, and the true impact of this engine in the automotive industry. This article also addresses some common misconceptions about this type of diesel engine. Ultimately, it’s important you’re educated on which type of Duramax Diesel performance parts are running on your vehicle if you want to avoid making a costly mistake.

This post will provide some basic information about the Duramax Diesel along with an overview on which parts are available for purchase and where they can be purchased. This blog includes tips for identifying which part currently driving your truck or SUV is actually running off a fuel injected (DFI) or electronic injection (EFI). Make sure to own your vehicle’s performance by understanding the diesel engine before buying Duramax parts.

Duramax Diesel History

The “Duramax” brand was coined by General Motors in 1996 as a variant of the company’s International diesel engine used to build the Navistar subsidiary. This brand is well known for being an industrial-strength truck manufactured with Class 8 trucks during the early 2000s. The original Duramax diesel engine was available in two configurations, depending on how it was ordered from an authorized GM dealer or fleet manager. The “DFI” configuration was installed on all applications using a mechanical injection pump providing sequential fuel injection which supplies fuel to each cylinder individually under an electronically controlled timing. On the other hand, “EFI” was installed on all applications using an electronically controlled fuel injection system. The Duramax EFI was added in 2001 which meant this type of vehicle saw a recent surge in sales.

Duramax Diesel Performance

The Duramax is known for being a strong performing, durable, and reliable engine that stands up against any other powertrain. With each passing year, the capabilities of this engine have made it even stronger with many parts available to keep your engine running strong for years to come. Some of the best parts available are the originally designed parts from the inception of the engine. The best part is that many of these parts are available to be purchased at a competitive price within the automotive aftermarket supply chain.

Duramax Diesel Parts Used Today

Now, let’s start this post off with some basic information on what parts are based on the original Duramax engine. In order to establish a comparison baseline, we’ll use a 2013 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LTZ equipped with an 8.1-liter Duramax V6 gasoline engine. Of course, this configuration will offer a powerful powertrain while being able to tow up to 8500 pounds while tugging up steep inclines and tight corners in mountain terrain.

The original Duramax is mainly composed of two blocks. The crankshaft, connecting rod bearings, pistons, balancer shafts, and much more are all based on this type of engine. This will all be housed in a dry-sump lubrication system with three oil tanks offering 500 quarts of capacity each. That’s 2200 gallons of oil storage for this engine alone. The cooling system is equipped with thermostatically controlled radiator fans offering both increased cooling capacity and airflow to the engine increasing horsepower at higher RPMs increasing air intake/outtake capability for improved performance.

Duramax Diesel Engine Components

Below is a list of the parts that will come with the Duramax. These items are available for purchase individually whenever needed to keep your engine running strong. Have you built up your vehicle yet? Are you looking to build up your vehicle but are you unsure what’s standard versus optional on each model? Then this article is for you! Here’s an overview on what’s included in most GM models, so you can have a pre-built comparison baseline.


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