What Does Your Home Décor Say About Your Personality?


Everyone says that your choice of fashion represents your taste, preference, mood, and traits. But it doesn’t stop there. Apart from clothes, your home décor can also reveal who you are from inside and what you enjoy in life. It is probably more consistent proof of your likes and dislikes. You rarely add anything in the house that doesn’t interest you or serve any purpose. You may wonder about souvenirs gifted by loved ones. Well, the fact that you decorated a corner with those items shows how much you care for them. It exhibits your feelings and emotions toward them. Or, those items may remind you of some places you love.

You can be curious to know in which other ways the home décor would give away your personality. Knowing this can be critical to visualize your home renovation in a certain way. So, here is a quick glimpse into this.

 A busy desk

Usually, you would hear that your work desk should be clean and clutter-free to make way for necessary items. But it can be surprising to learn that a cluttered desk also indicates that many things are happening in your life. On top of this, the quality of the items you use also speaks a thing or two about you. For example, a stylish desk with a unique design can show your taste for creativity. A high-end chair with proper back and seat support can signify you like the combination of luxury and comfort.

Aspirational decor

Most trends happen to be a fad because they offer very little to your practical needs. So if you pick a trendy item for your house, which doesn’t directly connect with your lifestyle, it can be a signal you are in search of something in your life. Or you are not content with the current situation. For example, you bought a horseshoe for decorating a wall. Even remotely, if you never did horseback riding or had anything to do with an equestrian theme, you will not enjoy it for too long. It will soon become a sore sight, and you will start looking for something else.

Family photographs

Living rooms, bedrooms, and staircases seem to be the perfect spot for these precious memories. If you keep several family pictures on the walls, it means you are nostalgic about those events and the time spent with each other. You get comfort from looking at them and crave interactions with those in the photos. Don’t worry as this is not a negative choice. Moreover, it stands for one’s preference.

A fully-equipped kitchen

Not everyone likes to socialize or host guests frequently at their house. If you are one of them, you might realize that your kitchen gives away this detail about your personality because it doesn’t have too many things. Otherwise, you had a variety of cocktail glasses, plates, and other utensils. At the same time, the choice of cooking appliances reveals what you prefer to rustle up and eat. Again, these details don’t limit to a cooking zone alone. You can even think of your bathroom. 

The bathroom sink area tends to be a focal point for attracting traffic throughout the day. Suppose you find extensive collection of faucets bathrooms and pick waterfall design from them. It can mean you are a nature lover, and a waterfall faucet helps you introduce this element into the most private corner of the house.

A vintage and sustainable decor

You can repurpose old items and organic materials for two reasons – budget constraints or leaning toward sustainability. No matter what, an outsider will instantly connect this choice with your personality and think you are a practical and grounded person. Nowadays, people are turning to eco-friendly decors to reduce their carbon footprint and benefit the environment. If you also do similar things, you care about your surroundings and ecosystem. All these choices reflect this side of your personality, from wicker baskets to jute rugs to bamboo materials.

Living room furniture

Deciding on the furniture for this part of the house can be highly challenging. Still, how you arrange all the pieces can show your nature. For example, the arrangement of sofas and chairs that facilitates easy interactions displays your social character. In such a setup, entertainment sources like TV, music system, and others can be secondary. 


Although every item seems to add to a story, one décor element stands out from everything else for its young and vibrant energy – greenery. Adding plants in all the corners of the house shows that you like anything cool and fresh. You can elevate this by combining some more organic materials like rustic baskets.

Streamlined designs 

Some people opt for simple and sleek looks because they don’t want any distraction. Streamlined decors represent precisely this. They show you are focused on your goal. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot add layers of visual interest to your home decoration. You can achieve it but only after some thoughtful editing.

Things to consider

While designing and decorating your home reveals your personality, you don’t have to restrict your options by operating from this school of thought strictly. Interior design and decoration projects borrow a lot of ideas from diverse sources to keep high-interest levels. You can delve into them safely. But when it comes to selection, you can add a balance between your taste and the actual use of an item for creating a sense of mystery.

Home improvement ideas have always been fascinating and what others find most amusing is the choice that a person makes. Your home can look quirky, formal, inviting, casual, simple, or fun. Or, it can be a mix of everything because your personality is such. When you adorn any corner, make sure you approach its décor with that awareness. Some decisions may not be straightforward. You can discuss them with your friends and family to find out what they think. It will give you confidence whether something deserves a place in your home or not. Also, if you wish, you can take small risks in some areas for the sake of uniqueness.


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