7 Laundry Tips for Making Your Clothes Last Longer


Clothes are an investment, and every investment we have needs to be protected. A poll suggests people get rid of their clothes when it starts to fade, lose shape, or looks worn out. Would you allow your investment to go to waste easily? No, right?

But how can you ensure you protect and maintain your clothes’ quality if you wear them frequently? Use these laundry tips to ensure your clothes last longer.

1. Purchase High-Quality Clothes

Clothes are all about fashion and comfort, right? That’s why some of us prefer to buy cheaper ones to have our wardrobe packed, without knowing these clothes are made from cheap and low-quality materials.

High quality clothes often last longer due to the materials they are made. Do not be afraid to have a minimal wardrobe. What’s important is you are investing more in clothes that last long.

2. Always Read and Follow Wash Label

It is always a must to always read and follow wash labels. Whether you decide to laundry your clothes at home or have the laundry experts at the nearest laundry services do it. Wash labels help you determine the best care to provide.

If the wash label says dry clean only, bring them to the dry cleaner for its appropriate cleaning method. 

3. Wash Clothes Less Frequent

You do not have to wash your clothes every time. Some can be worn twice or thrice, just like your jeans or jackets. Think of the time you had your clothes for laundry pickup and delivery. Every time it goes through the washer and dryer, it can shrink or fade.

Wash clothes when it is visibly dirty or has a foul odor. 

4. Pre-treat Stains Immediately

It’s quite unfortunate to stain your clothes. Always bring a stain removal wipe or pen to immediately pre-treat your clothes. If you are at home when the incident happens, you can always use the alternative natural stain removers.

Pre-treat stains before washing them.

5. Wash Clothes Inside-Out

Washing clothes inside-out helps prevent color fading or preserving the graphic prints from cracking. Although it makes the laundry task more tedious, it is the only way to keep the shirt’s design and colors last longer.

6. Use Environmental-Friendly Laundry Detergent

You have to be careful using harsh chemicals. A high concentration of chemicals in the laundry detergent may cause color fade or transfer. It is safer if you use environmental-friendly laundry detergent. In this way, you are also saving the environment.

7. Air Dry Clothes

You do not always have to put your clothes in a dryer. Aside from helping you save bills and the environment, you are keeping your clothes from potentially shrinking or damaging. Be a lot kinder to the environment and your garments by air drying them. 

Clothes are like us humans to last longer; it needs TLC. The methods of care we provide to our clothes are what cuts their optimum quality. It makes them out of shape, faded, or look worn. Do not forget to do these laundry tips to maintain the optimum quality of your clothes.


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