Custom Backdrops: How They Add A Special Touch To A Wedding Event


Nothing can match the grandeur and the excitement of a wedding event. No wonder the couples of today spend hours for creating a perfect décor in their weddings. Once you realize the potential of a stylish backdrop, there is no reason why you should step back from adding perfectly-designed backdrops during special events. 

Why focus on backdrops:

If you are still wondering why backdrops are more versatile for the wedding events, it is the statement that the customized backdrops create to make the place purely aesthetic. Apart from this, the functionality of the backdrop may serve more practical purposes than you think. The following are some of the areas of wedding events:

  • Bar shelves and drink terminals
  • Signs and brands
  • Photo booths and bridal tables
  • Ceremony tables 
  • For hiding unsightly places

Therefore, you have plenty of locations in the wedding event where the custom backdrops may serve the purpose and functionality. 

Working on the aesthetics:

Regardless of the location where you want to place custom backdrops, keep in mind the theme and style of the event to find the best fit. When you pair the backdrop with the other décor items or the furnishings of the event, using reception tables and the chairs used in the venue, what you need to ensure is that the overall design is harmonious and cohesive. 

Besides, aesthetics also include the materials and colors with which you want to work. The vibe that the backdrops create need to match the celebration. Therefore, when choosing the aesthetics, you need not go berserk rather create a balanced setting. 

  • Using flowers and mixed elements

The wedding decoration is not just creating the right backdrop to hold on to some of the most special memories of life. If you take inspiration from the wedding receptions nearby, you can go for flower decorations. Flowers can be stunning and guarantee the attraction is creating flower walls to create a stunning trend for the wedding decoration. All you need to do is choose from a wide range of colors or one flower with a striking shade to create a magnificent flower wall. 

However, if you are not satisfied with the floral wall, using green foliage as a custom backdrop with flowers in between may transform the wedding décor entirely. You can create series of backdrops with different botanical varieties or create a standalone wall. 

  • Streamers in the wedding 

One of the technical backdrops to choose is streamers but using them as long and short curtains is an eco-friendly approach and reduces your budget. However, streamer curtains look good when used from heights, so make sure you measure the height before designing the wedding event backdrop. 

Considering the practical aspects:

While you can go on experimenting with customized backdrops for the wedding, here are the practical details you must consider. 

  • You must know what lies behind the backdrop and if there is a wonderful garden or a beach, you must allow those scenes to filter through the backdrop.
  • Check the dimensions of the backdrop to ensure that it fits the location.
  • Make sure you have the manpower and the resources to design the backdrop. 

Pay heed to the above-mentioned points and the custom backdrop may transform the wedding event. 


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