How to concentrate on studies: 5 solutions for learners.


“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.” –  Alexander Graham Bell.  

Concentration is a very important tool to achieve success in life. It plays an essential role in learning and educating properly. Time management, efficiency, better performance, personal growth, sharpened memory, goal achievement, efficient academic life, etc are the main advantages offered by paying concentration and attention to our priorities. 

Solutions to enhance the concentration of students 

For learning and achieving quality education focus, and concentration needs to be practiced with consistency. Students face many obstructions and hostilities while focusing and concentrating on learning. These problems don’t help students to perform well in their academics. Let us discuss some measures which when followed will surely help students to focus and study attentively. 

1. Study in a distraction-free environment.

Studying in a distraction-free environment is very important for learning with your undivided focus and attention. 

In traditional classrooms, the learning environment is created by the educational authorities but in the case of online classes for learning, you have to develop a suitable place for receiving education. A noisy and disturbing environment divides your focus. You are unable to focus on your speaker or the instructor. 

Try to be available at a suitable place for focusing and learning properly. A calm and quiet place helps to concentrate, participate and perform better in the classes. To learn via online teaching, don’t forget to construct a suitable and appropriate space for yourself. 

2. Eat healthily

A healthy and fit mental and physical well-being is very essential for better focus and concentration towards work and education. If you are taking an unhealthy diet with poor quality of nutrition, your ability to think and concentrate is surely affected. This is because when we consume unhealthy food, it gets difficult for our bodies to digest it and more energy is spent on this process. This reduces the oxygen supply to the brain and hence the power to concentrate is also affected. Unhealthy eating affects our brain functioning. Mental and physical stability is disturbed which leads to stress, anxieties. 

Therefore eating healthy is very important. A balanced diet and timely eating make students energetic and filled. This increases brain efficiency and hence students focus better. They pay proper attention to their studies. Consuming energy drinks, caffeinated drinks for improving focus is a very poor idea. They provide you with instant energy but also an unhealthy amount of sugar enters your body. Try to avoid this and rely on fibers and proteins to boost your brain efficiency and power. 

3. Take power naps or appropriate breaks

Taking power naps, adequate sleep, and appropriate breaks, rests is important to enhance your concentration abilities. Instead of taking longer breaks for hours, try to take shorter breaks for refreshments. This way your mind will relax and the complete flow of education will also not be broken. Strategize first and then take your appropriate breaks. Taking a break after completion of a particular topic will provide rest to your brain and also the learned information will be stored and memorized properly. Continuing studies for hours also develops confusion and frustration. Because of this students are unable to focus and understand the syllabus properly. 

But taking smaller mental breaks will reduce the chances of confusion and misunderstandings. In this time you can relax your muscles, body postures and retain the information received. A short break will surely improve your concentration and performance. Overall productivity also increases. Teachers in traditional classrooms as well as in an online class should provide a short break to the students as per time availability.  It will surely increase their concentration power.

4. Plan short term goals to achieve 

” Set goals and stay focused on your priorities. ” – David K Reynolds. 

Setting short-term goals are very important to focus better on your studies. Students often get worried and tense when they see the vast and huge syllabus coming into their exams. They keep being stressed. This unwanted stress and pressure reduce the ability to focus, practice and study efficiently. 

Instead of looking at the whole syllabus and complete textbooks, students should set short-term goals to achieve. Setting a goal of completing one chapter, reading a particular topic, doing assignments on weekends, etc keeps you motivated. This motivation helps you to move in the direction of your goal achievement. When a student wants to achieve his or her goals, focus, and better concentration are practiced automatically. Also setting short-term goals keep taking you forward to achieve bigger goals in life. 

5. Practice mind games or focus games for better concentration 

Practicing and playing mind games and focus-oriented games, keep your brain efficient and active. A good mental state can focus better on the studies. For example, research has shown that playing online bingo regularly can improve cognitive function. A good mental state can focus better on the studies. We all know that children love playing, so combining games with learning is very helpful for effective performance in academics. 

The platform of online teaching apps provides the facilities of learning and focusing better via mindful games and activities. These activities include interactive puzzles, riddles, thinking games, fill the missing word, multiple-choice questions, memory games, and much more. All these activities are concentration boosting exercises for the students. 


The above-mentioned five solutions will surely help students to improve their concentration in their studies. Like any other ability or skill, concentration can also be improved by following the right practices. Consistency and honesty with your work is the key to success. Start following these practices to focus better on your studies. This will help you to achieve greater heights of success in your respective educational fields. 


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