Why Is The Tower By Temptation So Famous?


One of the most well-known landmarks in the world, The Tower by Temptation is one of the most recognizable pieces of architecture on this planet. More than just a building, it has become an icon, a symbol that represents magic to different cultures over numerous centuries.

A painting at Versailles that depicts The Tower by Temptation was used as a model for the design of St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome because it was so well-known and admired throughout Europe at the time. Now it is one of the most recognizable buildings in the United States, and many other countries for that matter.

Of course, all of this fame should come as no surprise, given that The Tower by Temptation is one of the most spectacular buildings ever constructed on this planet. The Tower by Temptation’s fame is not just based on its looks however—it is an incredibly valuable treasure trove of knowledge about magic. For instance, The Tower by Temptation contains numerous magical wards that are difficult to detect even for expert mages.

The construction methods employed in The Tower by Temptation have also been lost to history—even many powerful archmages have been unable to unlock its secrets despite prolonged study. The Tower by Temptation is the only place in existence that allows two archmages to study magic under one roof. The Tower by Temptation was also the first building to be constructed with a full-time archmage as a primary designer and architect.

The Tower by Temptation was designed and constructed entirely out of the highest quality materials—natural and enchanted—and was an ingenious feat of engineering. It features material components that can withstand extreme temperatures, high levels of magic, and even time itself.

The Tower by Temptation has survived every attack, invasion, or enemy assault for more than 13 centuries now. It is an enduring monument to knowledge that has not only outlasted generations of enemies, but even time itself. For this reason alone, The Tower by Temptation deserves to be one of the most famous buildings in the world.

Only one thing could make it any more famous—a hundred years ago, the Head Archmage himself (Atlas) led an expedition to discover The Tower’s true origins and trace its legacy back through the centuries. They searched the whole world, but they only found one clue.

Somehow, some way, whispers of The Tower had reached as far as the Orient. In each continent, they told a slightly different story about The Tower. In all of those stories there was some element that had been lost from the narrative in every other culture. And those elements were key to understanding what really happened to The Tower—but only if they could be recovered and pieced together correctly.

An experienced, thrill-seeking archmage named Sheila Delany stepped forward to assemble a team to do just that. Aided by Atlas himself, the greatest mage in all the world, Sheila set out on a global adventure that would take them from continent to continent tracing The Tower’s legacy.

They unraveled a thousand-year old mystery that involved powerful creatures from another realm and now Sheila is ready to tell you the story. The Tale of The Tower by Temptation: A World of Adventure from Arcana Press

Arcana Press announced today the publication of an eight-volume series written by Sheila Delany, one of the foremost mages in all the world. Delany will tell the tale of The Tower by Temptation, an astonishing edifice that exists for hundreds of years and has been the source of mystery, adventure and discovery throughout history. The first volume in the series is available for pre-order at $18.95 USD, and an estimated street date is July 14, 2015.

The Arcana Press website claims:

“The main character of the series is Sheila Delany: an archmage so powerful that even archmages fear her because she can destroy them just by pointing out their mistakes. She is famous for having led three expeditions to unearth The Tower by Temptation’s secrets.


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