Must-Have Windows Apps and Software for a New PC

Windows Apps

Windows comes preloaded on most modern PCs, making it the most widely used Operating System globally. Its most recent version is Windows 11, which is highly recommendable due to its new features and security updates that provide users with a more effective computing experience. However, Irrespective of the Operating System of a PC, the fact remains that we need a bunch of apps and software to achieve specific functionalities on our computers. In fact, some of this software can be indispensable.

With several paid and free Windows software being marketed online today, selecting the best for your new PC can be challenging. You might be unsure what apps will serve you best.

First, you should note that the programs you need on your PC are influenced by what you intend to use the PC for. While some users are interested in heavy applications to write codes or design a webpage, others are looking for online casino apps to play their favorite games. You can click here to play the Goldenstar slot or any other online game of your choice.

Regardless of your PC’s purpose, we have carefully compiled a list of general software and apps you cannot afford to overlook. 

Browser: Google Chrome 

Your browser is an essential aspect of your PC because it is your gateway to the internet. Although Microsoft Edge is usually the default browser on the Windows operating system, Google Chrome has proven to be a better alternative. It is one of the fastest browsers around, and it guarantees your security and that of your PC with frequent security updates and modifications. The best part is that the browser is free, despite its amazing features and extensions that will make your work fun and easier. 

Media Player: VLC

Sometimes you’d want to watch a movie or listen to music; hence, you have to install a media player on your PC. The VLC media player comes in handy for this purpose, being one of the best media apps for Windows. This media player not only plays video and audio files but also has extra features to help customize your media, organize your playlist, and edit videos. You can also download and synchronize subtitles for free. 

Storage: Google Drive

Aside from your PC’s regular storage system, an online storage tool like Google Drive is a cool option. Google Drive offers a large amount of free storage space, up to 15 GB, to save your files and documents. It’s also a good option for backing up the essential files on your PC or other external devices to avoid losing them in the event of an accident. 

Since it employs cloud technology, your files will always be safe, and you can always access them from any device with your email and password. You can also use it as a tool to share files with others.

Device Cleaner: CCleaner

A device cleaner helps clear out all your junk files by deleting files that have been compromised. It also notifies you of existing file duplicates and constantly scans for cached files and cookies on your PC browsers. CCleaner is a free Windows app with all special features to enhance these functionalities. It automatically analyzes your PC internally to remove any hidden risks while ensuring that corrupted files are erased. 

Security: McAfee Antivirus

It is very paramount that you get your PC protected from any threats and attacks from the internet and even external devices. There is no better way to do this than with a strong Antivirus. McAfee Antivirus is a highly recommendable app because of its track record in keeping Windows PCs safe. 

The software is fierce in eliminating threats, which is why it is used by millions worldwide. It has a good malware detection program with additional features such as Wi-fi protection and multiple device coverage.

File Management: 7Zip

You will surely come across different file types as you work or browse online. Sometimes you may need extra help with compressed files such as ZIP, RAR, MSI, etc. Thus, an app like 7Zip, which helps extract and compress files effectively, is highly needed. You can also use this app to organize your files to make them easy to locate when needed. It functions like an enhanced file manager and gives users the freedom to move, rename, and back up files.

Media Streaming: Spotify, Netflix, and iTunes

Entertainment, especially music and movies, is an indispensable part of our lives. Spotify, Netflix, and iTunes are your go-to options when you want to relax from work or get in the mood while working through the day on your Windows PC. For most people, these apps are indispensable.

Spotify and iTunes are popular music streaming platforms that allow you to listen to endless lists of your favorite songs and albums online and even create your playlist. On the other hand, Netflix allows you to stream and download online trending movies, popular TV shows, and series you can enjoy in your free time.


There is a long list of apps you can install and enjoy on your PC, and with this vast option available, deciding which app you want might be challenging. However, we have selected some of the best ones you cannot afford to overlook in this article. Visit a reliable betting site like Parimatch to bet on your favorite games.


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