What is the best way of guaranteeing a bail bond when charged with drug possession?


Lawmakers are serious about prosecuting every type of drug charge. If your loved one gets charged with the manufacturer, possession, or delivery of the drug, it’s a matter of concern. You may call yourself into financial and legal turmoil that requires the help of representatives. Remember that the court setting is not an easy game to handle. If you want to get the bail as fast as possible, then you have to settle the bail amount with the help of legal representatives. 

If you go by Bureau statistics, you will see that detained drug defendants get compelled to pay a very high amount to get bail. 

Someone charged with trafficking issues may have to face an even higher bail amount, which is difficult to settle. If you do not have access to money, you may have to stay in jail for a long time. 

However, that is a silver lining. You have bail bond agents who can help you get released from jail and fight the charges with precision. So what are bail bonds? How can these help you and your loved one from getting released from prison? Here is a comprehensive guide to bail bonds and their operation.

. How does the bail bond work? 

Bail bonds for drug crimes are similar to other bail bonds. It’s a security bond. During the hearing, the jury will finalize your bail amount. If you cannot pay the amount, you may post for a bail bond agent who will do the needful. A bail bond agent will co-sign the bond and get you financial help in return for their fees. 

You must check the cost of bail for drug possession as the agent’s charge 10 to 15% of the bail amount for the service. Various bail bond agencies guarantee the court the total amount of the bail and your appearance before the jury on the trial dates. However, these may vary depending on the nature of the firm. When you get the help of a bail bondsman, it is easier for you to deal with these situations and get the payment done in no time. 

. Is there collateral? 

The bail bond agency would require some collateral from the individual or their family. They are taking the chance on your behalf and paying the total bail amount so that you show up before the court on the trial dates. The bail bond agent may accept the valuable property as collateral. These include real estate, vehicles, jewelry, or stock. So if you fail to appear before the court on the trial date, the bail bond agent will use the collateral to pay the court.

. How fast is the process?  

After you post the bail, you will get released within 4 to 12 hours. The release process may be slow for individuals who are not familiar with the details of the system. But that will happen when you have an experienced bail bond agent. The bail bond agent knows everything about posting bail and other related process aspects. Hence, if you are serious about getting yourself released from jail, you must be apt with the posting stage.

Dealing with bail bond amounts is a matter of concern for most individuals. It’s because the amount is high, and most individuals may not have the necessary resources. It is thus understandable to get the help of bail bond agents who offer financial assistance in return for a payment.  

Get a seamless bail process with a reputed agent! 


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