What are the pros and cons of sports betting systems?


Sports betting is a sector which has always been popular, but which seems to have grown at a rapid pace lately. In the USA, this has been helped not only by online sportsbooks and apps bringing it to a wider audience but also the 2018 Supreme Court decision to strike down PASPA. This has led many US states to make the decision to enable legal online sports betting within their borders and open up to this thriving market.

Due to this, there are now many places you can bet legally in the USA and states which make it easy to have fun wagering on the latest games via the internet. If you plan to get involved with this, it pays to know more first before risking any cash. Sports betting systems are something you might have heard about, but what are they and what pros and cons do they have?

What is a sports betting system?

In simple terms, a sports betting system sets out clear rules on how to find bets to make and can also include elements of a staking plan. It clearly sets out to bettors a number of rules which must be followed in order to find viable bets.

Betting systems can be ones you have found online or borrowed from other people to use – or you could build your own as a more experienced bettor. The key thing is to know what you want the system to achieve and to paper test it first to make sure it works. Once using for real, you need to stick to the system’s rules every time you bet.

One simple example of a sports betting system might be focused on soccer. It may dictate for example that you only look at the MLS league games and then matches where any of the top four are playing any of the bottom four. Your system may then set out how much to stake on qualifying bets. Please note that this is just a made-up example and not a system to actually follow!

Sports betting systems – what are the pros?

Just as penetration testing in cybersecurity is key for people interested in this niche, sports betting systems are something anyone betting on sports should know more about. But what benefits do they provide?

The most obvious potential advantage they can have is making your betting more profitable. If you use a system which is tried and tested, then you should have more winning bets over time. Systems for sports betting can also save you a lot of time when selecting bets.

Anyone who has ever placed a bet knows that there are masses of races, games and events you could possibly wager on each day. Trawling through all of these with no clear plan can take a long time and seem arduous. Following a betting system makes sports wagering much quicker and makes finding bets to put down a lot faster.

In addition, betting systems can make it easier to bet on sports with more confidence. As you will have clear rules to follow which dictate what to bet on, you do not have to think about all this yourself. These kinds of systems are also good for betting on sports you do not know much about. As you only need to follow the system’s rules, it does not matter if you have no in-depth knowledge.

What are the cons with sports betting systems?

In some ways, the cons with using this approach to betting on sports are the same as wagering in general – there is no guarantee of success. Even the best system will suggest losing bets sometimes and this is something you cannot avoid. It can also be tough to find a system which returns a profit in the long-term and works well enough to make consistent returns on.

Using sports betting systems can sometimes lead to you switching off when placing bets and cause you to fail to spot any system selections which seem highly questionable. This can in turn result in you putting down bets that have little chance of winning, which you would usually avoid.

Another drawback with sports betting systems is that you may find it time consuming to come up with your own and spend a long enough period testing it. If you simply want to get on with betting, this could be annoying. Of course, you could use a system already set up by someone else, but you might find someone else’s system hard to understand or implement.

Sports betting systems – final overview

If you plan to start betting on sports, then it is always worth knowing more about it. Sports betting systems are certainly something to learn about and hopefully our guide above has explained them further. The pros and cons attached to them really do mean it is personal preference whether you use one or not.


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